vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Meld je aan bij de Henk van Kooten Community!

Omdat we veel waardering voor onze klanten hebben, willen we alle activiteiten binnen ons bedrijf delen binnen de 'Henk van Kooten Communinity'.
Op deze manier kun je zelf kiezen wanneer en hoe vaak je op de hoogte gehouden wilt worden van wat er in onze studio gebeurt.

Meld je snel aan via: http://photographically-yours.ning.com/main/authorization/signUp?

In het blog zullen geen nieuwe updates geplaatst worden, dit zal vanaf nu binnen de community gebeuren.

Henk van Kooten

woensdag 22 juni 2011

Avondlezing met Pierre Delauny 18 juli 2011


Het is ons gelukt om Pierre Delaunay vast te leggen voor een avondlezing. Pierre ken ik al enige jaren met het jureren in de Europese Federatie. Hij vertegenwoordigt Frankrijk hierin. Met beperkt Engels weet hij toch veel uit te leggen, maar voor een avondlezing vindt hij dat niet genoeg.
Pierre had dit jaar een speciale lezing voor het Europese Congres in Lyon. Iets bijzonders omdat het congres dit jaar in zijn eigen land plaatsvond. Unaniem werd dit als ‘fantastisch’ ervaren. ‘Emotioneel en prachtig’. Pierre had later een demonstratie gegeven in een hal van een hotel, waarbij het leek of hij zo maar wat mee-fotografeerde terwijl een bruidspaar de trap afliep. Iedereen was verbijsterd toen ze zagen dat iedere opname raak was. Dit jaar stond er al een uitgebreid interview over Pierre in de PF.

Kijk voor uitgebreide informatie op
www.dutchschoolofphotography.com. hier kun je een pdf downloaden en je inschrijven.
Tevens kun je bekijken op de sponsorpagina wie deze lezingen mogelijk maakt.

Mis het niet!

woensdag 11 mei 2011

awards IPPA 2011

This year 'The Irish Professional Photographers Association' has opened its doors to International members.
They run four heats of judging throughout the year, culminating in the Awards Presentation Dinner in early January 2012.
The first heat took place in Dublin last Monday evening.

I am delighted to announce, that Master photographer, Henk van Kooten, achieved
2 Diamonds, 4 Golds and 2 Silvers, in the disciplines of Contemporary Wedding, Portrait
and Open Art and Creativity.
This achievement automatically secures Henk's place in the finals next December.

Said Chairperson of the judging, Vincent O'Byrne, "I am absolutely delighted that our
International members have achieved so highly in the first quarter. They will be a force to be reckoned
with throughout the coming season and indeed in the future".

The IPPA is the official body for Professional Photography in Ireland.


woensdag 12 januari 2011

The concept of family | Nikon ZOOM experience 2010

The Concept of Family

A story of life.
A lifetime.
Photographed in a bed.
Awareness of moments.
Just stop in your own image.
A lifetime.

I am ...

The empty bed represents the beginning, an empty place.
It is not a photographic symbolism of form without content

I am conception

From nothing comes something.
A conception, creation.
Man and woman, begetting a thing, a human life.
Sex, love, survival?

I am expecting

As then conceived, the expectation is growing.
A growth, growth of a baby in the belly.
Man and woman.
A big belly.
Where the fusion developed a singularity.
Forecast, pregnancy.

I am born

Whe are two, three, four in this case.
Expand, growing as a group, a family.
Where expectations become reality.
How special two cells have developed to a man.
Safety, responsibility.
But together.
Become a photographic cross.

I am family

Bigger with more identity.
Together as a whole from parts.

I am trouble

If larger identites struggle, an awareness can be
Your own place, your self, you loose.
Puberty with pimples, his selfishness, are uncertain.
Almost everything is in contact, but goes its own way.
The conflict of family life can create a dying of beauty.
Simultaneously a beauty of individuality that has developed.
I am content

The teenagers have grown up and have abandoned the nest.
Remains the
ex-provoking set
ex-pregnant couple
and often ex-marriage
Yet a couple that continues to be, alone again together with
In a renewed peace
reached the expected.
Satisfaction .....?

I am proud

The children are grown
The big kids themselves are aged.
And the parents have become grandparents.
The bed gets full again
A proud

I am reproduced

And when the grandchildren have children again, the fourth generation there.
A reproduction of human life. A continuation of a cycle.
An awareness of what comes out ........

I am old

The realization that changes. The finite from visits.
The lonely is not always going to be divided anymore.
Expected to be finite.
Where consciousness and awareness lead to enjoyment.
Where fear and pain is a place.
What a lucky moment.
While beauty a new meaning.
The stigma itself dies differently.

I am gone

Where nothing started, it ends in the same
An observation sheet has become invisible ink
With the right light is visible.
If you want sense, it is also ..............


dinsdag 21 december 2010

woensdag 17 november 2010

Eveninglecture 15 november 2010 with Jesus Miguel Muel De Dios


Evening Lecture Jesus Miguel Muel de Dios
Dutch School of Photography
November 15th 2010

All the way from Spain was Muel coming over to do an evening lecture about
Nudes and Portraits.
A evening with impact in photography.
The fantastic cropping of images, the showing images with no skin-cleaning.
Muel told about his growing and the importance of his family.
His consciousness in photography.
Some words to characterize Muels photography:
characterized simplicity
daring compositions and crops
Than Muel told about his calenders with nudes. A volleyball team, the medical students.
All part of his very daring nudes.
The amazing part was Muel showing the nude-photography of colleague photographers.
Including himself.
Now there is a waiting-list from Dutch photographers coming over from Holland to Muels' Gijon, to be photographed........
Muel ended his talk with a very personal film. About his father, his family and realy beautyful spoken words by his mother. It made everybody quiet for some time.

Muel was happy his first talk in English went very good, broken-Spanish English is a kind of new international language now.

The warm voice and personality of Muel showed new kind of photography.
Although Muel always wants more, better, hating his old photography, it is good to know that learning and evolving your vision and your photography is only possible if you are kind of permanently unhappy with yourself as a photographer-artist.

Tis was the last lecture of this year.
In January we (the Dutch School of Photography) will launch a new programme for 2011.
Including a membership-option.
We can promise that this will be another great year of 'new ways of learning'

Henk & Christina van Kooten